What Are Signs That You Need a Tub Crack Repair Expert?

Top 3 Reasons Why Bathtub Cracks

Bathtubs are a popular addition to most homes. They’re a place where you can relax after a long day of work or when you’re too sick to go to the gym. However, just like your floors, bathtubs also have to be maintained. If your bathtub shows signs of cracks, don’t hesitate to get it repaired right away! This can be achieved through tub crack repair. You can find the right experts to help you with this task.

Here are the main reasons why bathtubs crack:

Granular Build-Up

Did you know that soap scum and hard water build-up are the reasons why your bathtub’s enamel peels off? That’s why cleaning and maintaining your bathtub is important. But if you don’t do it regularly, the build-up can lead to the formation of cracks. Crack repair can definitely help you achieve a smoother surface and keep your bathtub looking great for a long time.


It’s not uncommon for ACD to form on the surface of your bathtub. This is because of its high iron content. If this happens, it can lead to rust and then tub crack repair is needed. ACD/HWindrust is if your bathtub is corroded or if it’s refinished. To prevent this, have your bathtub regularly maintained by experts.

Wear and Tear

You might see these signs if your bathtub is a little bit old. If the enamel has peeled off, that’s because of a chemical reaction. Over time, this can be minimized with regular cleaning and maintenance. This is why if you notice cracks, you should call an expert right away. They can help you restore the beauty of your bathtub.

Your bathtub is one of your home’s most significant features. So, if you notice cracks, make sure to call professionals. J.A.X Fiberglass Repair, LLC is one of the reputable tub crack repair companies in Stayton, OR. If you want to book my services, please call me at (971) 202-9467.

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