Warning Signs That You Need a Fiberglass Tub Repair Service

Fiberglass Tub Issues

If your fiberglass bathtub started leaking not too long ago, there is a good probability that it is already ruined. You would have already realized that something is wrong, or you would have seen traces of damage in the tub in its previous state. Both of these things would have been obvious to you. Here are some warning signs that you need a fiberglass tub repair.

Puddles & Moisture

If you have just had a bath and noticed that even after allowing all of the water to drain, there are still puddles in the bottom of the tub, despite your best efforts to push them down, you might consider getting a fiberglass tub repair.


You would have detected symptoms of damage on your tub if you discovered bumps on the surface of your tub or if you discovered that you had a hurting back when you got out of the tub. If you hurt your back while you’re on it, which means to say that there are unnoticed dents on its surface.


If you have found indicators of damage on your fiberglass tub, such as dents on the exterior surface of the tub or cracks on the surface of the tub’s interior, then you have found evidence of damage. This might have been caused by the weight of objects that were placed on the tub, or it could have been caused by the force exerted on it while you were taking a bath.

In the event that you have discovered damage to your fiberglass tub in Stayton, OR, it is strongly recommended that you get in touch with a professional. A reliable fiberglass tub repair can be found at J.A.X Fiberglass Repair, LLC. Give me a call at (971) 202-9467 to learn more about the services and products that are available.

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