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What Causes Your Bathtub to Crack?

Bathing should be a relaxing activity to help you unwind at the end of a long day at work or in the gym. But what happens when you notice a large crack running down the center of your tub? It is anything but pleasant. Undoubtedly, these cracks need addressing to stop further damage from happening. Before jumping into the first tub crack repair company, consider learning more about the causes of this problem.

One of the most typical reasons for bathtub damage is prolonged use or the tub being old. Even though there is professional bathtub refinishing services these days, it is good to ask for a professional opinion before making any decision. Sometimes, it’s the material that causes cracking. For example, fiberglass is highly flexible and will bend if something heavy is placed onto it. If this material doesn’t have additional support, the weight and pressure will cause cracks to form.

Cracks can form in your bathtub when heavy items are dropped onto it. Think about large bottles of shampoo or heavy skin care products, like lotions, etc. Also, you may want to keep your kids away because they can throw their toys onto the side of your tub. Every time something heavy comes into contact with the tub, small divots and dents are created. Over time these will grow into larger, more noticeable cracks.

Another culprit is harsh cleaners. Abrasive cleaning products can cause the finish and gloss of your tub to erode, leaving openings for moisture to seep into the material and cause cracks. There are different kinds of bathtub damage, such as stress cracks, hairline cracks, and more.

Whatever the issue with your tub is, do not hesitate to contact J.A.X Fiberglass Repair, LLC at (971) 202-9467. I am a certified and bonded tub crack repair technician who accepts your calls every day of the week. I operate in the Stayton, OR vicinity.

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