The Restoration Process for Bathtub Refinishing

Restoring the Beauty of Your Bathtubs

Refinishing your bathtub is a pretty straightforward process when you have the right equipment. You’ll want to make sure that you have all of your supplies before proceeding. If you’re struggling to do the prep work for your bathtub refinishing, you can always seek help from professionals for the restoration process to be effective.

Clean the Bathtub First

Scrub down the tub with a sponge and hot water. Then, use a stiff brush to remove any dirt or grime from the surface of your tub. Remove all old caulk or sealant from around the tub by scraping at it with a utility knife. Then, remove any fixtures that will get in your way during refinishing like old faucets before beginning with the refinishing process.

Add Protective Tapes to Any Metal or Plastic Areas in Your Bathtub

Once the tub is dry, it’s time for protecting any metal or plastic areas that shouldn’t be part of the refinishing process. Masking tape will help keep these areas protected while they dry, but you can also use painter’s tape if you want something more permanent. You can use a paintbrush to apply an even layer of masking tape over the area that needs protection.

Apply a Spray Coating and a Finishing Coating Afterwards

Spray-on coatings are a great choice for large areas, while brush-on coatings are ideal for small areas. The best way to apply either type of coating is with a sprayer or brush. After spray coating, you can now apply a finish coating for smoother results. Apply a coat of sealer or oil-based paint in the same manner as applying a spray-on coat. Let this dry overnight and then remove all tools and equipment from your bathroom so that nothing will be left behind.

The restoration process for bathtubs can be fun, especially with promising results. here at J.A.X Fiberglass Repair, LLC, you can expect a reliable bathtub refinishing project with quality results here in Stayton, OR area. Call me at (971) 202-9467 for professional bathtub services today!

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