How Long After Bathtub Refinishing Can You Take a Bath

How Long Does It Take the Tub to Dry After Reglazing?

Are you considering bathtub refinishing? If so, this procedure will give your bathroom a new lease of life in record time. This inexpensive service is the best choice for people who do not want to spend $2,000 to replace their bathtub.

The Proper Reglazing Procedure

Before we explain how long you need to leave the bathtub dry, we will first cover more about the procedure. People know reglazing is a cheap remodeling project for your tub and can repair the likes of rust stains and damage. However, few know what the procedure involves. Once the tub is sanded and all cracks and chips are repaired, bonding agents are applied. Then the actual finishing solutions are mixed in a certain way and sprayed onto the tub. After this, you need to follow some simple steps.

What Homeowners Should Do

The first thing you need to bear in mind is the bathtub is off-limits until the coating has had the time to cure. Until this, it is recommended that you leave the house. However, this is not necessary if your bathroom is ventilated.

The Perfect Drying Conditions

You should leave the bathtub to cure for 24 – 48 hours. After the surface has dried, it is safe to use. However, there are numerous things that can affect the length of the drying time. For instance, if the bathroom is not ventilated properly – if the air is moist or the weather is not warm enough. With any of these scenarios, you will have to leave the bathtub to cure for three to four days. Remember, the bathroom must be properly ventilated during this time.

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