Excellent Tub Crack Repair

Why Your Bathtub Has Cracks?

Your bathtub may seem like a durable part of your bathroom, but it’s actually vulnerable to cracks and other damage over time. If you’ve noticed small cracks on the surface of your bathtub, it can be worrying and confusing as to why these cracks are appearing. Understanding why your bathtub has developed these pesky cracks is the first step to finding an effective tub crack repair solution for them.


One of the most common causes of crack formation in bathtubs is age. The older your bathtub, the more likely it is to develop cracks as its material starts to break down over time. If you’ve recently purchased a second-hand tub, it could already have some small cracks that have gone unnoticed before installation.

Temperature Changes

Temperature changes, such as extreme heat or cold, can also cause your bathtub to develop cracks. The material in a bathtub is not designed to withstand sudden and extreme changes in temperature, which can lead to cracking over time. It’s important to keep these temperature fluctuations in mind when deciding where to install your bathtub and ensuring that it is properly insulated.

Impact Damage

Impact damage is also a common cause of crack formation in bathtubs. If you frequently drop heavy objects on the surface of your tub, or if children are playing in the bathroom, these impacts can create small fractures that could eventually become larger cracks.

Poor Installation

Lastly, poor installation of a bathtub can also lead to cracks. If the tub is not properly secured in place, it will be more prone to movement and shifting when you climb in or out of the tub, which can create stress points that may crack over time. The same can be said for any loose or missing screws, which could allow the bathtub to move and create stress on the material.

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