Bathtub Reglazing Procedure

3 Steps of Bathroom Refinishing!

When it comes to bathroom renovation, you would often find yourself torn between which reglazing method you should use. This is because there are different styles and materials you can use to reglaze your bathtub. In this post, we will discuss bathtub reglazing procedures and methods.

Cleaning the Tub

The first step is to remove grime or other debris from the tub surface. The professional will use various methods like sandblasting, chemical cleaning, or scraping to get rid of that dirt and grime. Sometimes, it takes several passes. This is because the grime is left in place after the first pass, and the machine will have to be used again. Some pros use an abrasive material that cuts the grime off. Others use electricity to abrade the surface, destroying anything it comes in contact with.

Removing the Ridges and Dents

The next stage is to remove ridges and dents from the surface. The pros use various methods, and the choices depend on the type of tub and the result they want. Some pros use a rolling iron that uses steam to remove ridges. Others will use pressure to push the ridges out. Most will use some combination of the above. Once the ridges are removed, a cold-water bath will freeze them in place.

Applying the New Coating

The next step is to apply a new coating to the surface. Some pros will do this by hand. Others will use power sanders, which use abrasive particles to remove material until the desired coating level is achieved. Apply additional coats as needed. Once the coating is dry, remove the tape and reattach the hardware, and caulk around the tub.

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