3 Important Things to Consider When Having Bathtub Reglazing Project

Your Guide to Refinishing Your Bathtub!

You can say that bathtub reglazing is considered a repainting method in many ways. This is actually not true at all times. This is because refinishing only involves the surface while the latter involves the inside. If you want the former and want to be sure that it’s done properly, you’ll have to hire experts. So, what are the important things to look for when reglazing a bathtub? Here are some of them:


The first thing you must check is the material. If you think about it, there are tubs that can only be refinished using specific materials. For example, cast iron or porcelain steel tubs can only be reglazed by specific reglazing materials. This is to make sure that the finish is good and the original properties are maintained after the process. Therefore, if you own one of these, you should have them refinished by professionals because they’ve got the right materials for the job.


The next thing you must consider is the need to hire professional manpower. Although you might be tempted to try the reglazing technique by yourself, it’s not something you should do. It will only disappoint you since you’ll end up ruining the whole thing. That’s why it’s best to leave this work to the professionals.

Necessary Pre-Refinishing Inspection

The final thing you must do is to have the tub checked by experts. You might be under the impression that the tub is in perfect condition but it’s not. There could be some cracks that you probably can’t see. This is why experts must be around to see those cracks and provide solutions to potential problems.

Use the tips above to keep yourself safe and give you peace of mind with your refinishing project in mind. If you need help with the bathtub reglazing process in Stayton, OR, for sure, you can count on J.A.X Fiberglass Repair, LLC. For inquiries and information, feel free to contact me at (971) 202-9467 right away!